• Band at a Glance

    4 Simple Guys

    Morgan Celner

    Lead Vocals / Lead Guitarist - Morgan Celner won 2 Joe Bonamassa blues competitions at age 17 and was voted by Guitar Center USA as one of the best new young blues guitarist in the US. Morgan was invited to play onstage with legendary guitarist Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick. Morgan has played with many national artists.

    Mateus Gooch

    Drummer / Vocals - Mateus Gooch, from Los Angels, CA has played with some of the top jazz studio musicians. Mateus is a trained percussionist and has toured professionally for several years. Mateus enjoys long walks in the wilderness and is a dog whisperer. Mostly sweet nothings. Did we just make this wierd?

    Christian Williams

    Rhythm Guitar - Christian provides the soulful backing rhythm guitar and his own sweet leads. Christian is a killer CowBell-ist (not even a word). Christian keeps the lights on by teaching private CowBell lessons to any young lady that asks. You know what this song needs?..... More CowBell!!

    Mark Grow

    Bass Guitar - Mark, from D.C., lays down bass lines that make your insides wanna come outside and move to the groove. Mark is also a part-time college professor at one of the top universities in the world. When they find out how much time he spends rocking.... They will most likely let him go.... So let's keep all this rocking on the DL.  

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