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    If Led Zeppelin, BB-King, and AC/DC had triplets, then took away their medication...
    You would have The Carolina Reapers​ !

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    Simple Bio / Simple Guys

    Morgan Celner

    Guitarist - Morgan Celner won 2 Joe Bonamassa blues competitions at age 17 and was voted by Guitar Center USA as one of the best new young blues guitarist in the US. Morgan was invited to play onstage with legendary guitarist Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick. Morgan has played with many national artists.

    Mateus Gooch

    Drummer - Mateus Gooch, from Los Angels, CA has played with some of the top jazz studio musicians.  Mateus is a trained percussionist and has toured professionally for several years.  Mateus is far to good of a musician to be in this band.  We just don't tell him, so please keep that on the DL. 

    Alex Holloway

    Bass - Alex Holloway, from Laguna Beach, CA is the newest addition to our line-up.  Alex uses the bass as an extension of his soul - really, he does, its true.  Alex rounds off the rhythm section with rock solid, tight bass sweetness.  Alex is also a studio musician and has been around the block a time or two.

  • About The Carolina Reapers

    These days, truth is harder and harder to find. Live music is truth

    It's real. It's imperfect, and it speaks to the soul

    The Carolina Reapers are an indie vintage rock and blues band that just loves to play music

    All you have to do is watch them perform to see the passion they have for performing live shows

    Take a moment to listen to their music or watch a video clip

    One thing you can know for certain - it was recorded live

    When you book TCR, you get a live show experience that's even better than their demo clips

    There is no studio - spit-shine and polish

    - Just plain ol' heart felt vintage rock and blues music that speaks the truth

    Morgan Celner

    Vocals / Guitar

    "You know what would be cool...?"

    Alex Holloway

    Vocals / Bass

    "Hey...  You wanna see my lemur?."

    Matt Gooch

    Vocals / Drums

    "The more I play with you guys, the less I hate it."

  • Live 4 Live 

    Always Live - Always Fun

    Morgan Celner

    June 2016

    Rehearsal Footage - Red House

    Morgan Jams with Cheap Trick

    September 11th 2015

    Guitarist for The Carolina Reapers - Morgan Celner is asked by Rick Nielsen to join them onstage

    The Carolina Reapers

    Teaser Footage

    Recorded live on an iPhone

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