• About Morgan Celner & The Carolina Reapers

    These days, truth is harder and harder to find. Live music is truth.

    It's real. It's imperfect, and it speaks to the soul.

    The Carolina Reapers are a rock-n-roll, southern blues band.

    Watch them perform to see the passion they have for performing live shows.

    Take a moment to listen to their music or watch a video clip.

    You get a live show experience that's even better than their demo clips.

    - Just plain ol' heart felt vintage rock and blues music that speaks the truth.

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    Morgan Celner

    Vocals / Guitar

    Morgan won 2 Joe Bonamasa Blues Guitarist Competitions @ age 17. Guitar Center US competition staff voted Morgan the next best up-and-coming young blues guitarist in the US.
    The now 26 year old phenom was recently invited on stage to play with Cheap Trick's legendary guitarist - Rick Nielsen - Cheap Trick.