Tickets are Selling!  And the marketing ads hadn't even started yet!     We love You!
Saturday Nov 7th @ The Falls Venue 7:PM!
With all of the awesome experiences we have had these past few months, it's hard to believe we have never played a show in Idaho Falls!  We are very excited for this show on Saturday at The Falls Venue in Morgan's home town!   
Thank you for all of the kind words and positive feedback.  We will be recording some new material over the holiday season.  Of course, it will be recorded LIVE - as music should be.
It is a blessing to be home with family and friends.  It's already November!  A big thank you to our fans that keep coming and supporting us - It is truly all of you that keep this 3 piece machine running.
- Matt, Devin and Morgan
If you have Saturday night open - Get some flipping tickets and come to the show!
It's only $8 if purchased online before Saturday.  $12 at the door.
Just "Click" the poster below for tickets to the big show
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