• About The Carolina Reapers

    These days, truth is harder and harder to find. Live music is truth

    It's real. It's imperfect, and it speaks to the soul

    The Carolina Reapers are an indie vintage rock and blues band that just loves to play music

    All you have to do is watch them perform to see the passion they have for performing live shows. Take a moment to listen to their music or watch a video clip

    One thing you can know for certain - it was recorded live

    With TCR, you get a live show experience that's even better than their demo clips

    There is no studio - spit-shine and polish

    - Just plain ol' heart felt vintage rock and blues music that speaks the truth

    Morgan Celner

    Vocals / Guitar

    "You know what would be cool...?"

    Matt Gooch

    Vocals / Drums

    "Where'd ya get that coat?"

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